Jim Carroll

Keynote Speaker

The future of farming is happening faster than we might think. Through the power data analytics and machine learning, AI has many potential applications for agriculture ranging from crop monitoring and management to precision farming to autonomous robots and vehicles. And the role of AI-powered systems in agriculture will only continue to accelerate. Spending on AI in agriculture was $2 billion in 2022 but is expected to grow to $75 billion by 2025.


During the Chair’s Luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 14, world-renowned futurist and AI expert Jim Carroll will deliver compelling insight into how AI is transforming our industry and what your company can do to stay ahead of this emerging megatrend.


Carroll has spent the last 30 years on the leading edge of emerging disruptive trends and innovation, sharing his crystal ball with leading organizations like the World Bank, Walt Disney, NASA, Microsoft and Mercedes Benz, as well as familiar industry faces such as Nutrien, Farm Credit and Syngenta.


Carroll has been featured in a number of international media outlets including the BBC, Reuters and AP news, and was named one of the top sources for innovation insight by Business Week. He was also a featured expert on the prime-time CNBC series, “The Business of Innovation.” Carroll is a prolific author, penning books like, “Now What: Reinvention and the Role of Optimism in Finding Your New Future;” “Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast” and “Surviving the Information Age.”

11:45 AM – 1:45 PM

Tuesday, November 5

Chair’s Luncheon and Keynote


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