Eric Morgan

Vice President of Environmental Science and Resources

Eric Morgan is Vice President of Environmental Science and Resources at Braga Fresh.


Prior to this role, Eric was a Pest Control Advisor and manager for Valley Farm Applications.


In 2009, Eric founded Soil Health Laboratories, LLC to help growers reduce fertilizer inputs daily based on real-time laboratory results and his professional experience.

Still in operation today, this soil lab provides same day analysis of soil and water for nitrate, ammonium, and pH levels for cool season vegetable growers in the Salinas and Imperial Valleys. Plant Sap Analysis is the newest and most promising offering to date.


With Eric’s leadership, Braga Fresh sets aside 10% of farmland to beneficial habitat and started an in-house apiary.  In its third year of trials,  Eric’s team is responsible for getting Regeneratively grown vegetables to market with the assistance of a data intensive CDFA funded $100,000 Healthy Soils Grant.


In 1928, the Braga family started farming Salinas Valley. Today the third generation continues the family values of sustainable farming.  Now vertically integrated, Braga Fresh combines innovation with tradition to grow, harvest, and process fresh vegetables and leafy greens through the Josie’s Organics brand.


2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Monday, November 13

Featured Session: What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean for Agriculture and Food?

What impact will artificial intelligence (AI) have on WG member operations and supply chains? How will AI improve and potentially accelerate automation and biological solutions, and are there over-hyped solutions that are unlikely to emerge? What impact will increased investment in AI in non-ag fields have on agriculture solutions?


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Eric Morgan, Vice President of Environmental Science and Resources at Braga Fresh

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